01-A faggot in coma 0:38

Band name: a faggot in coma
Album title: a faggot in coma
Song title: a faggot in coma

All music, vocals, lyrics and artwork by Fuck_seth_putnam

Thanks to guy from one board who gave an idea of a tribute band "retard in coma", I think
"faggot in coma" is better.


99% of joke bands suck, are created by clowns, and creating them is like hadling with shit, I think this the first and the 
last time I do it- I just couldn't miss such a wonderful occasion.
Moreover: THIS IS MY FIRST BAND! So think how it's easy to create grindcore/noisecore. If I wanted to, I could release 

Lyrics are "seth putnam is a faggot" and "faggot in coma" phrases in Russian.


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